A Royal Affair

Drawn from the marriage of history’s elegance and modern art, La Gallia brings a new velvet taste to the modern fashion world. Inspired by royal blood in Tuscany, La Gallia represents a voyage through space and time.

The journey began with a traveling soul discovering new horizons in Europe reaching new shores and new essences. Searching for divine inspiration, the streets of Paris vibrated with authenticity, while Cannes and Nice swayed the core of classiness and simplicity. The heart of Milano, Parma and Sesto Calende pulsed elegant and re ned tastes.

From the silk land of fashion, Italy, a Royal A air was born with the Queen of Pearls, Margheritta Di Savoy; a lady who inspired and shaped the lives of artists and writers through encouragement and a love for ne arts.

The Queen’s dignity, balance and wisdom shaped the fashion traits of La Gallia by cra ing items symbolizing quality, luxury, nesse and elegance.

Drawn from centuries of culture, colors, music and ne textile, La Gallia represents the living spirit of Mergheritismo, a symbol of high fashion and art portrayed and marked by the skills and delicacy in details.

Our mission

Blended with the finesse of ancient and the modern art, La Gallia endeavors to create styles that emanate ultimate luxury. Considering the fact that an art’s worth can only be recognized by its true lovers, we aspire to build a class of tastefulness. We emphasize to create designs and colors that would beg you to touch them.  Along with its majestic appearance, our brand defines an exceptionally elite quality. With an apprehension to reinstate a dignified look, we make sure that our creations add a charm of gracefulness to your poise. An instigation to reveal your suaveness and sensibility is what we desire at- La Gallia.


At La Gallia we let the world view us as a Quintessence of grandness. The exemplary standard of legendary arts, have always made us passionate lovers of its ingenuity. The classified hues, materials and the richness in its designs have always motivated our spirits to revive the genius of the old art form. At the same time we have embraced the awe-inspiring artworks that the modern age has gifted us. Worshipping the different elements of art and artistry in different periods of time has given us the potential to associate equilibrium in these two art forms. Thus, with a discovery of an impeccable fusion of different ages of creativity, has made us belief in the existence of La Gallia for you.


We believe that nothing less than extraordinary has ever left a mark in this world. Guided by the authenticity of creations, our collection of handbags and clutches represent sheer inventiveness and artistry. Our exceptionally skilful craftsmen give their personal touch to each and every creation with utmost passion and care. With the gorgeous look of our bags we exude simplicity with a tone of stateliness. Our trademarks unveil the strength in our symbols, materials and precious stones like pearls. The exclusivity in our brand categories like La Donna, Margheritismo, Storia and Contessa lets you discern your own personal styles. To symbolize an appreciation of your personality through our creations, we even let your name be engraved on your handbag/clutch if you prefer it. We embrace the presence of every bag lover into our world of unique creations.

You Were Born to be a Queen

LA GALLIA is a luxury lifestyle brand that embodies the personal style and sensibility of its Owner, Designer Galia Dirany. The collection, known for high quality, print and fine details, includes handbags and clutches. Art, music, travel, architecture, interiors and the designer’s own style are inspirations for the brand and each collection.

About Gallia s.a.r.l.

The company launched in 2015 an elegant collection of exclusive and unique handbags. The brand’s modern and royal sthetic vibrated tastemakers conceive re ned details in the items.
An online boutique and a presence in selective and exclusive department and specialty stores are what shapes LA GALLIA’s presence.

LaGallia.com website, launched in 2015, is the company’s main store where the collections are described in the elegance of the details and the cra smanship is shared showing the birth of each item.

Since its launch, LA GALLIA has set a new accessories category with handbags and clutches selectively and exclusively designed from the most re ned materials using the best quality genuine leathers, re ned hand-colored exotic leathers, Swarovski crystals, pearls, gold plated accessories and tags. The inside is made of genuine leather with a very selective royal red color.

The vibrating elegance is portrayed and trademarked with 3 dots shaping a crown, the collections’ symbol. The use of eccentric materials, such as re ned woods, and high-end pearls marks the uniqueness of LA GALLIA, and its designer.

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