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Fascinated with fine art and design, Galia who recently graduated from VCU Arts & Fashion School in Qatar, swiftly combined her love for leather, fabrics, textures and patterns to create timeless hand-crafted bags with master craftsmen for herself and loved ones whilst thriving in a career in Design and Marketing as an Entrepreneur, being the founder and CEO of The Line Branding. Rapidly gaining regional recognition from fashion enthusiasts, Galia was compelled to design her own bespoke fashion line.

LA GALLIA explores the native relationship between the spirit of royalty and the art of geometry; in a collection of hand-crafted handbags and clutches. Each piece vibrates a refined and ecstatic craftsmanship.

Each meticulously hand-crafted piece is conceived as a sculpture and constructed as an empowering wearable statement. Their job is to create a new couture silhouette that combines the artistry of the east with the mastery of the west – vintage excellence with modern expertise.

The collection uses the finest materials of exotic snakeskin, lambskin, calfskin and genuine Italian leathers. They are also accompanied with 18k gold and platinum plated solid brass accessories hand-crafted by skilled Italian goldsmiths.

The Result is Pure and Empowering…

Bags and Beyond.

LA GALLIA is a luxury lifestyle brand that embodies the personal style and sensibility of its Owner, Designer Galia Dirany.

The collection, known for high quality, print and fine details, includes handbags, clutches and accessories.

Art, music, travel, architecture, interiors and styles are Galia’s main inspiration for each collection.

About La Gallia

Launched in 2014 an elegant collection of exclusive and unique handbags. The brand’s modern and royal esthetic vibrated tastemakers conceive re ned details in the items.

An online boutique and a presence in selective and exclusive department stores are what shapes LA GALLIA’s presence.

LaGallia.com website, launched in 2015, is the company’s main store where the collections are described in the elegance of the details and the cra smanship is shared showing the birth of each item.

Since its launch, LA GALLIA has set a new accessories category with handbags and clutches selectively and exclusively designed from the most re ned materials using the best quality genuine leathers, re ned hand-colored exotic leathers, Swarovski crystals, pearls, gold plated accessories and tags. The inside is made of genuine leather with a very selective royal red color.

The vibrating elegance is portrayed and trademarked with 3 dots shaping a crown, the collections’ symbol. The use of eccentric materials, such as re ned woods, and high-end pearls marks the uniqueness of LA GALLIA, and its designer.

Our team

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